Monday, June 12, 2017

7th Grade Geography and Writing: Iran

Hello today I will be telling you about Iran. I picked Iran by spinning the globe and landing on it. Irans Capital is Tahran. The word Iran means 'The Land Of Aryans'. Now lets get started!

Usually Iran will have an Arid Climate. Iran gets several inches of rain yearly. The Spring/Summer is usually quite hot and humid. The air is usually humid which causes storms, some stronger then others.

Iran is located in Southeast Asia with many beautiful places. There flag is a green, white and red flag with a blimp like logo. There are lots  of historic places to go to in Iran. Some include, Buildings, Places and outdoor areas. One is the Persepolis, it's a bunch of rocks that used to be an empire. Now it's crumbled up and you can explore it.

Here are four facts about Iran.
The women in Iran cannot wear Bathing Suits.
Iran was once called Persia back in the old days.
Iran exports many things which includes fruit and nuts.
Iran is called the Islamic Republic.

In conclusion is could be fun to live in Iran, I wouldn't like the hot air and so much rain. But I'd maybe visit! I hope you all enjoyed this post.
Goodbye and The End.


  1. Caitlin was given the opportunity to proofread and edit this post. She did make a few changes, and here is her grade. Her mistakes will be discussed in person with her, by me.

  2. Your grade is an 81. The extra sentence in paragraph 3 earned you 5 bonus points. This was better than the original post, but I still would really love for you to add more accurate, and just plain more facts. Just because the rubric is a basic template, doesn't mean you can not put in more effort. Next year you will be required to do much longer and harder essays. Better to get it down now.