Friday, September 19, 2014

Horse Life

Hello my name is Kate and i am 10 years old. Today I will be telling you about my Horse Life. I work at the Glide's Tail Stables with my friend Sophie. We have three Glide Tails there names are Lily, Jake and Emma. Sophie feeds them gives them water and cleans there hooves. I groom them  gives them treats and we both clean there cages. They don;t just have Horses they have 2 Dogs  and 2 Cats. I take care of the Cats and Dogs. I love my job there are so many fun thing we can do! We eat Apples and Oranges. We ride in the wheel barrow down the hill. And last but not least... They have a huge house! Well that's all on my Horse Life bye!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My First Writing Assignment for Fifth Grade: My Summer Vacation

Hello my name is Kate. Today im going to tell you about my Summer Vacation. First I had my birthday! I had some Friends over for cake and a swim party. It was so much fun. Then we went Poe springs,Blue springs , And Fanning springs. We jumped off the dock found a Snake skin, Made a fort and made a fishing rod (Metarles Stick long piece of grass and a soda can top or paper clip) It was fun! We had family Vist from NY in June And we went to otter springs and shy read island. We also took some of them to St Augesten Beach on the Atlantic Oeacn. It was so much fun! The Waves were huge we collected seashells! And we found a starfish! My Mom got stung by a Jellyfish and we got rained on :''''(. In July we went to Vacation Bible School. Which I loved! My brother had his birthday party in July. And we went to Fanning springs. I had a very busy Summer and i had so much fun! Well that's all for now check back every know and then to see what I put up next bye! :D