Monday, June 5, 2017

7th Grade Geography Writing Assignment: Niger

Hello today I will bee telling you about Niger Africa. Niamey is the Capital of Niger Africa. Niamey is the biggest City in Niger Africa as well. Niger's National Day is Celebrated December 18th! Niger is colored purple on the World Map.

The Niger Population as of June 2017 is at 20,283,950 people! The three major Cities of Niger are Tahoua, Maradi and Aqadez. Aqadez had 27,000 people. Tahoua had 11,000 and Maradi had 12,000 people.

The Culture of Niger Africa is the Horseman Festival Celebrated once a year. Niger's dominant Religion is Islam. There are a few other Religions in Niger Africa. Some are Christian and Jews,

Through Spring to Fall the weather there is very hot. Sometimes up to 120 degrees! The winter is usually pretty cold but not always. Usually there Climate is like the U.S'S but sometimes it changes.

I would NEVER like to live anywhere in Africa. It gets way to hot there plus I don't think I'd like there food. The End.

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  1. This is a passing paper, however, you should review what culture is. It is not just one event, but a whole bunch of events that make the country what it is. Special traditions, and customs in another words. School, play time, work, family life, etc are all examples of culture. You are getting there, but still need some work. Remember the difference between there, and their. Their shows possession, like their house, there shows a place, like go over there. Also give more details please, you must have at least 5 sentences per paragraph, with five total paragraphs. That is at least 25 total sentences all together.