Friday, December 19, 2014

Dog Diaries Book 3 Barry

Today im doing a book report on Dog Diaries Book 3 Barry. It was made by: Kate Klimo. And illustrated by: Tim Jessell. Barry is kinda like a hunting dog but his not he rescues people buried in the snow. He lives in a hospice where they rescue the people. He rescued a boy who thought he was a wolf so he stabbed him with a knife they rescued the boy and Barry. Barry healed and as he healed it became spring! He went outside with the pups. They enjoyed it. But then he became retired :'( And went to a new home that he loved. Along his adventures at the hospice like I said he got stabbed and he also lost his friend/trainer. He was to late to save his old buddy.

My Perfect Christmas Tree

The perfect tree has to be tall and green. It has to have garlands and ornaments. It needs a star on top too. It needs presents all around and Christmas lights hung all around. I especially like lights that are green. My favorite color garland is white. The presents all need shiny bows. I love decorating my Christmas tree each year.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Dashers Adventures in the Pet Store!

There once was a reindeer named Dasher. He went for a walk then got lost and found a Pet Store.  He decided to go in.  There were rabbits, dogs, cats, horses and more. He looked around and saw other reindeers! He ran up to them (with his super speedy skills) and said: I WILL SAVE YOU!!! He looked for something heavy then he remembered... wait I have antlers! He busted the glass open, and saved the reindeers. Then a guard came.  They ran then he said lets fly! So they saw a window they flew to it and crashed into it then fell. They got up thinking: What how? Then Dasher asked: What's your name? They said: Im Dancer! Im prancer! And im blitson! then they flew away.

                                                       THE END