Thursday, June 25, 2015

How To Properly Care For A Bunny Rabbit

Hi my name is Kate and im 11 years old. I have a rabbit named Mocha. I got him cause I wanted to show him in the 4-H Fair.

Here is what I feed my bunny. I give him Rabbit, Guinea pig, and Mouse food its all the same thing.
Here are the treats I give him, Carrots, Apples, Tropical Treasure Treats, Yogurt Bites, Apple Sticks from Walmart.

How to groom your bunny. First off keep there nails short by trimming them! Bunnies with long nails are not happy Bunnies and don't make them to short or it will bleed. Brush Him/Her everyday. You can clean them with a spray bottle that has had no bleach or stuff like that in it only water. And keep there teeth short by giving them stuff to chew on cause if they get to long they cant eat!

Keep His/Her temputures between 50 F To 70 F here are ways to keep them cool and warm! To keep them cool you can give them Ice Packs to lay on or frozen water bottles, A bowl with water and ice in to drink from. And here is how to keep him warm! Give him a Quilt Blanket to burrow in.

Playing with ur bunny! Its amportant to give them stuff to do! Give them Jingling toy balls! Boxes with holes to go in for something to chew on! News paper to shred and more!!