Monday, August 1, 2016

Writing Final Exam

Hi today I will be telling you about School for 6th Grade. I learned lots of stuff. I learned Spanish, Science, History, Math (Gross), Reading, Writing and some Art!

My  favorite Subject was Spanish. Hola Estoy Un Gato. I just said Hello I'm a Cat in Spanish. I like Spanish cause it's fun and easy.

My least favorite subject was Math. It's my least favorite Subject because it's hard and boring. I learned Dividing, Multplying, Adding, Subtracting, and Geometry. I liked Geometry the most.

Here is the other stuff I learned.
And Art!
Of the five Subjects I liked Reading the most cause I could read Warrior Cats.
My least favorite was Writing because it is hard and takes a long time.

In closing my School year for Grade 6 was eh. My mom/teacher tries to make it as fun as possible. For 7th Grade I wanna do less Math!