Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How To Carve A Pumpkin

Step 1: Visit an area like the Super Market, or a Farm to find the perfect pumpkin. Make sure it has no Nicks, Bruises, or Cuts. Pick the perfect sized pumpkin for you're Design.

Step 2:"Choose a method for carving ur Pumpkin.

Step 3: Draft ur design on a pumpkin.

Step 4: Find a Appropriate Knife Like a Serrated Bread Knife, Or a purpose- made Serrated Knife from a Pumpkin-Carving Set.

Step 5: Set up a spacious work area, like on a desk or you're floor but of course lay down some Newspaper or somethings so you don't get Pumpkin Guts everywhere.

Step 6: Cut a lid Measure a circle with about 2-inch (5cm) Radius from the stem. You'll cut around this circle to make the lid.

Step 7: (the worst part) Remove the Pumpkin Guts! Using a  spoon or you're hands, I recommend a spoon, Remove the pumpkin Guts and put them on a plate (paper plate) or the newspaper.

Step 8: Decide if you need to level the bottom. If you're Pumpkin had a relatively flat bottom you can skip this step, If not flip ur pumpkin upside down and make a flat carve at the bottom.

Step 9: Carve ur face onto you're Pumpkin!

Step 10: Lighting ur pumpkin. Its simple take a few fake light up candles turn them on and put them into ur pumpkin!

Step 11: And finally place You're pumpkin or pumpkins in a safe display area!

                                                                            And that's how to carve a pumpkin! Bye!

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