Friday, October 16, 2015

DIY Littlest Pet Shop Accessories

The first item we will be making is the Bead Necklaces! The items you need are: Silver wire, Wire Cutters, Beads, And you're LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) 1st: make you're wire about 1 inch and a quarter you can always make it bigger if needed. 2nd: cut it and make a loop at one end so the beads don't fall off. 3rd: Add all the beads you want then make another loop at the other end when you're done put it on the LPS. Second LPS DIY is a Bunk Bed! The items you need are: Popsicle sticks, Glue, Knife, Cardboard, and Old Fabric. 1st: Take the sticks and glue then to a piece of cardboard (make the cardboard any size you want) Make another piece of cardboard and place it on top of the Popsicle Sticks. 2nd: Glue some old fabric to the beds to make a sheet or a blanket add some fabulous pillows and a ladder and BOOM you're done!! Byeeee!

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