Friday, May 22, 2015

Warrior Cats Book 6 The Darkest Hour

Okay so Fire-Heart gets his nine lives cause sadly Blue-Star dies. Then a battle happens with a new clan Blood-Clan Scourge there leader doesn't believe in Star-Clan so he only has one life! And Scourge killed Tiger-Star and took all his NINE LIVES AT ONCE!!!!!! Then a few days later Thunder-Clan battles Blood-Clan and sadly White-Storm does die BUT Fire-Heart lost a life to so he has eight now and Scourge thought he only had one and Fire-Heart found his weakness he doesn't believe in Star-Clan! So finally Fire-Heart kills Scourge  and all of Scourge's cats see him and they run away. So yea!


Leader Fire-Star handsome ginger tom. (apprentice Bramble-Paw)

Deputy White-Storm big white tom.

Medicine cat Cinder-Pelt Dark gray she-cat.

Warriors of Thunder-Clan.
 Dark-Stripe sleek black-and-gray tabby tom. (apprentice Fern-paw)
 Long-Tail pale tabby tom, dark black stripes.
Mouse-Fur small dusky-brown she-cat.(Apprentice Thorn-Paw)
Bracken-Fur golden-brown tabby tom. (Apprentice Ash-Paw)
Sand-Storm pale ginger she-cat.
Gray-Stripe long-haired gray tom.
Frost-Fur beautiful white she-cat, blue eyes.
Golden-Flower pale ginger she-cat.
Cloud-Tail long-haired white tom.

Apprentices of Thunder-Clan.
 Thorn-Paw golden-brown tabby tom.
Fern-Paw pale gray with darker flecks she-cat pale green eyes.
Ash-Paw pale gray with darker flecks tom, dark blue eyes.
Bramble-Paw dark brown tabby tom, amber eyes.
Tawny-Paw tortoiseshell she-cat, green eyes.
Lost-Face white she-cat, ginger splotches.

Queens of Thunder-Clan.
Willow-Pelt very pale gray she-cat, unusual blue eyes.

Elders of Thunder-Clan.
One-Eye blind and death most of the time.


Leader of Shadow-Clan Tiger-Star big dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws, formerly from Thunder-Clan.

Deputy of Shadow-Clan Black-Foot large white tom with huge jet-black paws, formerly a rouge.

Medic of Shadow-Clan Running-Nose small gray-and-white tom.

Warriors of Shadow-Clan.
Oak-Fur small brown tom.
Little-Cloud very small tabby tom.
Dark-Flower black she-cat.
Boulder silver tabby tom, formerly a rouge cat.
Russet-Fur dark ginger she-cat, formerly a rouge cat. (Apprentice Cedar-Paw)
Jagged-Tooth huge tabby tom, formerly a rouge cat. (Apprentice, Rowan-Paw)

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  1. This is a much better book report. I realize you are still adding names, but I read it anyway. Also cause in reference to because, should be written because, not cause, because I said so, lol.