Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dog Diaries Ginger

Hello my name Kate. Today is my first ever book report called Dog Diaries Book 1 Ginger. The book was made by Kate Klimo. This book was about a Golden Retriever that was born in a Puppy Mill one of her sisters or brothers died in the Puppy Mill. A few weeks or months later there mom was taken away. Soon Ginger was adopted. But that didn't last long. Soon she was taken to a pet store. A few days later a little boy came in and adopted Ginger. The boy hammered her tail with a toy hammer and Ginger nipped him. So she was taken somewhere else. Then she was soon adopted by a man with no kids. But then the man left and hired a Dog watcher to watch Ginger while he was gone. The Dog watcher was not very nice. And she left the window open and left. Ginger jumped out and ran to the Dog Park. Then it became night she went to a garbage can and some Piazza. That was until another dog came up and told her to drop it. She did has the dog said. Then someone took Ginger to a farm. She was fed well cleaned And was put in a big cage with a very old dog named Elka. Elka slept most of the time and didn't eat much. Then a 9 year old boy came in looking for a cat. Until Ginger got there Attion. They took her out to play and liked Ginger. They took Ginger home. And that was Gingers forever home. I liked this book because it was based on a true story.

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